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About us

PS Engineering is a wholesale distribution business. Our range is all Electrical & Electronics technology through out the world. But now we are operating within the country. We are manufacturing world-class products named “Mars”. With competitive price but effectiveness is very high.

PS Engineering   is a professional, distinguished Distribution Company in the Electronic surveillance industry, a leading company in the Global Industry for full range Electrical & Electronics Technology and others. Continuously for 24 hours & 365 days our Technical team is looking for ward new products with latest technology and latest design to meet changing market requirements.

We have around 10 years of experience in these systems integration and installation in Bangladesh market. Company has expertise in many big projects as supplier and installation, at this moment we have 45 persons (Management, Account, IT & HR) at corporate office, 30 persons at marketing sector and 50 persons outside of Dhaka office total 125 employees working with us.

Our technical team has a vast and prolonged experience in installation and system integration. Hence they can provide practical and time demanded solution to our clients.


PS Engineering would like to emerge as a leading Bangladeshi manufacturer, Innovative technological solutions provider and system integrator for Electrical & Electronics, Satellite & Wireless systems.


Cost effective quality products & solutions using State of the art Technology and innovations would be paramount in our work culture. Customer satisfaction and concerted efforts will be key to our success, progress and growth. PS engineering will be committed to comply with the requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of quality management system to achieve its goals.

Our Commitments to Clients:

  • Commitment to Quality
  • Product Training Program
  • Wide range of products
  • Services Support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Latest Technology & Features
  • Ready Stock
  • Promotional Support
  • Technical Support in your Projects


1) Product training to the Dealers

2) Complete service support.

3) Technical support.

4) Technical training at regular intervals.

5) Guidance for the demonstration of the products.

6) Better relation with Parent Companies enables faster replacement of products

7) Advertising and promotional support.

8) We have started expanding our horizon and hence we create awareness regarding our products to corporate,   electrical consultants, Architects, Builders, Hotels, industry & govt. sectors.

9) We give designing support to our dealer as we have In-house Auto Cad Operators. Over all consultancy of Electrical system.

At present, we are manufacturing & marketing

§  Air-Conditioner


§  Generator (Diesel & Gas) UK & China

§  Sub-Station Equopments & Transformer

§  Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Brand: Navis Power (Taiwan)

§  Online UPS

Brand: Navis Power (Taiwan)

§  Elevator & Escalator

Brand: FUJI (China)

§  Industrial shade

§  Exhaust Fan

§  Solar System

§  Full Automatic Feed Mills Equipments

§  Auto Bricks Equipments

§  Full Automatic Rice Mills Equipments